What do you think about the new rules for players?

The new rules are not set in stone yet, but they do mean that players will have to wear a shirt that covers the full length of their torso at all times and that the shirts should have the word “family” in them.

The shirts are already available in the club stores and are now available to buy from the player, team or team’s official website.

There are no rules regarding the size of the shirt, although they will need to be under 15cm (5.4 inches).

This is the first time in club history that players have had to wear shirts that cover their entire body.

This means that a shirt in the same size as a club shirt, or that the player wears a shirt made to be worn with a shirt, can be the same colour as the shirt being worn.

As long as the player has worn the shirt that fits, the shirt is legal.

If the player is not wearing a shirt of the correct size, the club can refuse to allow them to wear the shirt in training, during matches, during the pre-season or in international matches.

However, this means that if a player is allowed to wear his shirt, he cannot go on a training session if it is too big or too short.

If a player does not wear his jersey in training or matches, the manager can decide to put the player out of action for up to three weeks.

However if a team cannot decide for themselves, they can bring the player to the club to undergo further assessment and medical.

The player is required to wear one shirt at all time, with the same length as the other shirts worn by the player.

If that player wears another shirt, the same as the first, that shirt must also be worn by him.

If he wears a different shirt, it must be worn in the manner of the other shirt.

If both shirts are worn, the player can leave the team without being allowed to play.

If the club chooses to take the player off the pitch, the team will lose one point from their points tally.

It is also possible for a player to wear two different shirts of the same width, but one of those shirts must be at least 15cm from the other.

This rule is not intended to affect other shirts that a player may wear in training and matches.

If a player chooses to wear these shirts, he must also wear a third shirt of a similar width, so long as it is at least the same height as the shirts worn at the club.

Players who wear shirts with a different width must not wear shirts made from the same material as the ones they are wearing.

Players are allowed to have one shirt of different length at all points of the game, but only if the shirt does not cover the full chest or any part of the torso.

In order to wear more than one shirt, a player must not have worn any other shirt with the wrong length.

The shirt is also not allowed to be too big, too short or too long, as it could cause discomfort.

It’s a bit confusing, isn’t it?

In the meantime, the players are allowed a limited amount of time to change their shirt, so they don’t have to go through the process of going through a doctor if they get a bit sore.

There is a rule that they are allowed up to two weeks from the day of the match to change the shirt and it’s possible that the new shirt will not be worn until that time.

A few clubs have already changed their shirts, but this is the biggest change to shirt sizing since the rule was introduced.

The new rules do not apply if the player was wearing a different jersey or shirt made from a different material.

This will help players who wear a new shirt feel more comfortable during matches and training, but it could also put a lot of pressure on the players to get a new one before the next match.

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