How to live like a monk: Jatie Fit

It is easy to become a monk, but it is hard to live one.

Jaties, or jaties as they are called in India, are a sub-category of Buddhism.

Like all Buddhism, they focus on the spiritual nature of life and aim to transform suffering.

Jati is the name of a type of jatikara or tantric meditation that focuses on the path to enlightenment.

These teachings are very different from the traditional methods of meditation, which focus on mental states.

The main focus of jati is meditation and the mind, while the other parts are the body and the energy of the mind.

These two are the core of the religion.

But there are other aspects that go beyond the focus on meditation.

Jats can be practised in a wide range of settings and even in the midst of the night.

One of the most common practices in Jats is to sit on the ground and focus on their breath for ten minutes.

The aim is to release stress and help relieve the mind from the negative thoughts and emotions.

The jati meditation is a practice that is practised by many Buddhists and is known as the ‘sutta’.

It has been practised for thousands of years in India.

The practice is not new in the country.

It dates back to the Buddha and is used in other places, including Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

But in recent years, Jaty is gaining popularity and becoming a trend.

In a study of over 2,000 adults in Ireland, the researchers found that half of all the participants practised jaty in the past month.

It is estimated that over 40 per cent of adults in the Irish population have practised Jatya.

According to the Jatyah Foundation, Jats have become the second most popular religion in Ireland after Islam, following Buddhism.

It has also become a very popular religious community in Britain, and its members are among the highest-performing religious communities in the UK.

Jates are practising a variety of meditation practices including mantras, chanting, meditation and chanting with music, chanting with food, and chanting in the sun.

They also take up other forms of meditation.

In Jatji, a meditation form, the jatis have no fixed method of meditation and instead work in small, flexible groups to form their own practice.

Jato, or the way of living, is also a popular practice, and there are many sects of Jats.

Many of the sects include people from different parts of the country, and Jatis are a part of them.

The traditional Jatish practice is a meditation that focusses on a single aspect of life.

The Jatika is the spiritual practice, where the focus is on the mind and on the body.

The other parts of this meditation, known as jati, are about transformation of the body, energy and mind.

Jata is the traditional name for the meditation.

The term Jati means “meditation” in Hindi.

Jattika is also used to refer to Jatiyas, or Jatys.

The first Jatiya in Ireland was in Kilkenny in 1691.

In 1825, a new Jatija was established at Limerick.

Jate, or a Jatikar, is the other major practice of Jatias in Ireland.

Jatin is the Indian word for ‘mind’.

Jati, or tantra, is about the mind; it is about a state of meditation where the mind is not focussed on the breath.

It focuses on breathing and mental states, and then the mind wanders.

Jath, or life, is a part that includes the body; it includes physical sensations and mental processes.

It includes emotions, and mental and physical sensations.

Jatha, or contemplation, is an ongoing practice.

It involves meditation on the nature of reality, and the nature and structure of things.

Jana, or awareness, is what happens when we are aware of things in the world.

It means that what is in the mind of the individual is real.

Jatta is the Sanskrit word for life.

It can be defined as the body’s awareness.

It does not focus on any particular thing in the body or mind.

There is an emphasis on the awareness of the heart.

In the Jati practice, the focus of the jati involves focusing on the whole of the person, which is also the body in meditation.

These are the basics of Jati meditation.

There are other meditation practices, such as the Dhamma, called the Dharana or the Mahaana, called Maha.

There also are many other forms, including jatiyasa or jati yoga.

This means that a person is able to do meditation on all the dimensions of the universe.

This is called ‘mindfulness meditation’.

Jatryas, jati and jatiya have been practising for thousands, and are very popular in Ireland and

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