Why the Canadian Press is calling for a national ‘health-care strategy’

The Canadian Press has launched a national health-care plan aimed at tackling chronic diseases and ensuring Canada is prepared for the pandemic.

In a recent editorial, the national media watchdog called on the government to adopt a national plan for health and the public health infrastructure.

The editorial board of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation called for a plan that would “ensure Canada is well-equipped for a massive pandemic” and called on politicians to act quickly to make the health system work better for Canadians.

In the editorial, which was published online Wednesday, the board called for measures to ensure health care professionals have access to the latest technology to diagnose, treat and monitor patients with chronic conditions, including mental health and addiction issues.

The government should also support a national strategy to address the issues of mental health in our communities, the editorial board wrote.

“We have a critical shortage of mental-health care professionals in Canada,” it said.

“We need a plan for better communication between mental health professionals and the general public so that we can all get timely treatment and support.”

In addition to the national plan, the paper also called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to act on the recommendation of the Royal Commission into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

The Royal Commission was launched last summer to review the sexual and domestic violence against indigenous women in Canada and found there is no national strategy in place to address those issues.

Trudeau responded to the Royal Commision’s report last month by promising to implement recommendations from the commission and to make “important changes” to the health care system, which he said were “important steps in addressing the challenges facing Indigenous communities.”

The paper called for “a comprehensive national strategy for addressing chronic diseases, mental health issues and public health issues that will be implemented at the provincial and territorial levels.”

While the board said Canada is now on the right path, the government should take bolder actions to address chronic diseases in the coming years, the editor wrote.

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