By Max Zuardi, Vice President, Corporate Finance at Power Fit Elite, LLC ( Fit Elite provides professional, high performance fitness apparel, accessories, and gear to fit elite athletes, business executives, and elite athletes.

The company’s founder and CEO, Andrew Schumacher, grew up in San Francisco and earned a degree in sports marketing from Stanford University.

Andrew was instrumental in the creation of Power Fit, and is a proud member of the International Power Fit Association (IPFA).

Power Fit is the #1 authorized retailer of PowerFit Elite Performance apparel, PowerFit Fitness accessories, Power Fit Fitness shoes, Power Fitness apparel, and PowerFit fitness apparel in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Power Fit offers the ultimate fitness experience, all at a low price.

Power Fit has over 40 years of combined experience in the apparel and fitness industries and is committed to offering the highest quality products at the best value.

PowerFit Elite, a member of IPFA, is dedicated to creating a culture of respect and compassion for all people, particularly those with disabilities.

Power Fitness is a global leader in the fitness industry and is recognized as the #4 Fitness Brands in the world.

PowerFit has been featured in multiple media outlets including Forbes, Inc., ABC News, CNN, CNN Money, Forbes Magazine, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and more.

Power fitness is powered by an independent design team that believes in the power of design.

With an extensive portfolio of products and a commitment to the highest standards of design, Powerfit provides the best fitness apparel at a great value.

The Power Fit brand is proudly produced in the USA by a team of experienced designers who have built an extensive global portfolio of high quality products.

Powerfit Fitness products are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, including:Sportswear:Men’s Fitness Fit and Sportswear Men’s Fitness FlexFit Women’s Fitness Sportswax & Women’s FlexFit Men’s FitMen’s Fit & Women Fitness Flex FitMen & Women Flex Fit Men’s Flex Fit & Men’s Sportswiss & Women Sports Fitness Women’s FitSportswiss Women’s SportSwiss Men’s Men’s Sports Fitness & Men Sports Flex FitnessWomen’s Sport SwissMen’s Sport Flex FitWomen’s Sports Fit &Women Sport SwisseFitness apparel is available in men’s, women’s, kids, and kids sizes.

Power FIT Elite products are produced with 100% cotton, and are 100% manufactured and hand-washed in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Power FIT has been recognized by the World Trade Organization as the top brand in fitness apparel and is the largest independent supplier of high-quality apparel in America.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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