‘Flexible’ FitWatch: Watch with two screens, no screens, more features

Fox News has a new FitWatch that’s both a watch and a fitness tracker.

The smartwatch can track your activity, track your workouts, and even help you keep tabs on your blood pressure, according to the Verge.

The device is made of a soft-touch material that feels a little like the leather strap on a pair of running shoes.

The FitWatch 2 is available in two different colors.

The FitWatch is a device designed to track your fitness and can track workouts.

The watch features a small, soft-tissue band that’s about the size of a credit card, and it has two different types of screens.

The main screen has a single color and an app icon on it.

The app allows users to track their progress, and the FitWatch can show a graph of your daily progress as well as a graph showing how much you’ve lost or gained.

A few hours of running can show you a graph with your heart rate, your distance covered, and how much calories you’ve burned.

You can also change the color of the app icon and view the activity history.

A small, flexible band is included.

The company is also selling a smartwatch with a second screen that lets you track your workout history.

The product has a similar design, but it has no buttons.

It also has a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker.

Both the Fit Watch and the new FitTrack have a battery that’s supposed to last for about five to six hours.

The two watches also have different screen sizes and different screen resolutions.

The new FitTracker 2 has a larger screen than the Fitwatch 2, while the FitFit 3 and FitFitTrack 2 are slightly smaller.

The larger screen is bigger than the larger FitWatch, but the smaller screen can be used to track a more specific type of activity.

The watch will also have Bluetooth connectivity, and both the Fit and FitTrack will work with Garmin Connect, the fitness and activity tracking service Garmin launched earlier this year.

The devices will be available starting this fall.

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