A look at Fit For Life’s Fit Naked Girls

In addition to the Fit Naked Girl, Fit has also released a collection of women’s accessories.

The collection includes:  a bikini-like bikini, which fits the standard “Bikini Fit” style; a bathing suit with a bikini waistband; and a tuxedo-style suit with two buttons and a skirt.

The first two items are available in “classic” or “sport” colors, but the sport-style outfit has no name. 

The Swimwear Collection includes  a swimsuit, a swim top, a pair of underwear, and a bikini top.

The top and shorts are available for $25 a piece, or $55 for the two-piece swimsuit and bikini top, which includes a towel.

The Swimwear collection is available in a variety of colors and styles. 

One of the new accessories is a swim trunks, which are made of mesh and come with a waterproof mesh lining.

The swim trays have a wide slit in the back for the bottom and can be washed in a wash cycle. 

A pair of women will also be available in the Swimwear Series 1 collection, which features a swim suit and a swim skirt. 

“We’ve been making these swim trunk collection for a while,” said Fit founder and CEO Erin McLeod.

“It’s a really fun, feminine look, and it’s perfect for our mission to get more women to embrace the ‘fit’ lifestyle.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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