Why women are fitter than ever

Fitbit says it has a growing market of fitness women that it’s hoping to grow.

The company says its fitness trackers are a huge draw for women who want to be active without sacrificing style.

“As fitness continues to expand, we’re excited to be partnering with Fitbit on this next-generation of fitness products,” CEO Julie Chen said in a statement.

“Our fitness tracker and smartwatch platforms are perfect for women looking to become active in the same way men have always done.”

Fitbit’s fitness track, the Fitbit Charge HR, has been on sale since July.

The device has gained a reputation for tracking how your body is doing with an embedded heart rate sensor, which allows it to accurately predict how much you’ll be able to run and jump.

It has also been able to track how many calories you burn during your workout and even track your sleep patterns.

The Fitbit device has been a huge hit with women, who are seeking a way to stay fit without sacrificing their personal style.

The Charge HR was launched in July 2015 as the first fitness tracker to sell for $299.

Its launch attracted more than 12 million units in its first two months, but its price has steadily increased since then.

The latest version of the device comes with a heart rate monitor, which can be used to track your heart rate over time and can even track changes in your heartrate over time.

It also comes with an accelerometer, which measures the speed at which you walk.

The new version of Fitbit Fitness Track also includes a smartwatch, which lets you take photos with your phone.

This device, which costs $100, is designed for men and women.

For men, the smartwatch is designed to track steps, and it can even be used for exercise-related tasks.

For women, the fitness track is meant to track calories burned, steps, heart rate, sleep, and activity levels.

The fitness track has been around for years, and the Fitbits are a perfect fit.

It’s designed to fit most wrists, and because it’s powered by the same heart rate sensors that the Charge HR uses, the new Fitbit fitness track can track heart rate and calories burned as well.

But if you want to see if it’s still the best way to track and stay fit, this Fitbit tracker is perfect.

It doesn’t require an internet connection and it’s built into the FitBit Charge HR’s frame, so it’s more comfortable to wear than the ChargeHR.

There’s a built-in battery that lasts about 12 hours on a charge.

And the FitBIT fitness tracker can be paired with the FitPad 3 for extra functionality.

The first version of this device was sold for $300.

But after a few months, it fell into the hands of a select few and became a popular fitness tracker among women.

There are currently three versions of the FitBand, which is meant for women.

The $99 FitBand 4 is designed specifically for women and is also designed to be worn with the Charge and Charge HR.

It includes a heart-rate sensor that can be linked to Fitbit activity logs, which shows how many steps you took, calories burned and sleep time.

There is also a GPS receiver and a heart monitor.

The other two versions of this product, the $99 and $149 FitBand 5 and 5.1, are designed specifically to be used with the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is a huge seller in the fitness tracker market, which accounts for almost 60 percent of the market, according to data from research firm Nielsen.

So this new FitBit fitness tracker is going to make a big impact in the growing fitness tracker segment.

In the next few months it should have a huge impact on the fitness tracking market.

The price has been steadily rising since the Fitbands first launched in 2015, and as a result, the Charge Hub and the Charge Elite have become much more popular.

The Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear Fit are also popular fitness trackables, and these devices also have the same fitness tracker.

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