Why are women so fit for life?

The average female body fat percentage is around 18 percent.

But that can change with age and exercise.

In fact, women who are at a higher risk of obesity have lower body fat percentages.

So why do women get fat?

There are several reasons, including: A lower metabolism: Women who lose weight tend to burn fat more efficiently than those who gain weight.

Women with a lower metabolism tend to have lower energy expenditure (the amount of calories they burn when running).

In other words, women with a low metabolism are burning more calories when they exercise.

A higher metabolism: A high-energy metabolism, like the metabolic rate of the body’s cells, means the body is more efficient at burning calories.

This allows women to lose weight faster.

For instance, women in a high-calorie metabolism may burn more calories than women in an average metabolic rate.

Also, a high metabolism can result in a higher metabolic rate for an individual.

A lower body mass index: Another factor that can affect body fat is the BMI.

BMI is a measure of body fatness, which measures a person’s height and weight.

Body fatness can be considered a sign of a person having a health condition such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Body mass index can also indicate how fit someone is.

BMI can be measured by using a standard scale or a personal trainer, which may require some amount of physical activity.

Women who are heavier may also have a lower BMI than their thinner peers.

Body composition: Body composition, also called body fat, is a measurement of how fat a person is.

Body size and body fat are related.

A person’s body fat can be classified as fat (fat mass), lean mass (lean mass), or visceral fat (visceral fat).

Women tend to be heavier at the waist and longer at the hips than men.

Fat is a combination of fat tissue and fat cells.

The amount of fat is determined by a person using genetics and genetics can also influence a person, so a woman’s body composition may differ from her body fat.

The number of calories burned by a woman varies according to her size and shape.

The body fat content of women varies greatly.

The average weight of women is around 29 to 30 percent of their body weight.

However, some women are larger than others, as is the case for some overweight people.

Body type: Body type is the way a person looks.

Body types range from very lean to very muscular, with people who are very tall being very tall.

The majority of women are fairly muscular, while some are quite lean.

However at a very small size, a woman may have very small hips and a short torso.

This is known as a “slender” body type.

The term “fatty” comes from the fact that fat is found in fat tissue.

For example, a person who is very lean has a smaller waist and larger hips than a person with a normal weight.

A “skinny” person is more of a mix between lean and muscular.

These people have relatively small waist sizes, but a larger hip and thigh area than their “normal” counterparts.

People with very small waist size tend to look thinner than others.

For some, this is a good thing, since they look leaner in comparison to their leaner counterparts.

The most common reason for being fat is not considered a health risk, as long as a person does not have a history of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Obesity rates vary widely from country to country.

Obesity statistics for the United States were released in 2012.

Here are some key statistics about obesity in the United Kingdom.

Obesity in the UK Obesity rates have been rising for the last 20 years, reaching their highest levels in the late 1990s.

Obesity is now a major problem in the country, with a recent study showing that it has increased by about 2 percent a year for the past two decades.

The latest data indicates that a third of all adult men and women aged between 18 and 64 in the U.K. are overweight or obese.

Obesity prevalence in the region was highest among the young, with obesity prevalence of 29.1 percent in men and 33.5 percent in women.

Obesity has also increased among men and older women.

In the last 10 years, obesity has increased among both men and young people in England and Wales.

This may be due to a combination that includes increasing body weight and rising rates of obesity in older people.

However the overall trend of rising obesity has not translated into increased numbers of people being overweight or being obese.

In 2014, the rate of obesity was the lowest in the world, with the U-20 population having the lowest rate of body weight in the developed world.

The rates of overweight and obesity in men have increased since 1999.

In 2015, obesity rates in men were the lowest since 1999, with an increase of 2.3 percent a decade.

Obesity and smoking have also been increasing in the last decade.

According to the World Health Organization

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