Fitted Elite fitness equipment stores will no longer be able to sell fitness equipment, despite new rules

Power Fit Elite fitness stores will have to sell their equipment only to certified registered fitness trainers and health professionals.

Key points:A key step for Power Fitness Elite Fitness stores to start selling fitness equipment would be to have a health certificate issued by the Australian Institute of Health and Medical Research (AAMI-R)Health Minister Greg Hunt says the new regulations are a big step forward for fitness equipment retailersAAMR chief executive John Kavanagh says the rules are good for fitness stores and consumers.

“We’ve been able to address the health concerns of fitness retailers that were raised about the health effects of this product,” Mr Hunt said.

“But the health benefits of this new product will only become apparent once we have the health certificate that the AAMI-Raises has already been issued.”

It’s good news for people who want to buy a product that meets their fitness requirements, and that is what we’re looking at now.

“The new rules were introduced in August this year and were intended to make it easier for fitness retailers to sell products to consumers.

The Health Minister said the new rules would help to boost the sales of fitness equipment and help to meet the needs of Australia’s growing population.”

The new AAMI regulations are good news that will help to ensure that our existing fitness retailers can continue to offer a great value proposition for Australian consumers, and continue to serve their communities,” he said.AAMI spokesman John Kavanc said the rules were a big lift for the fitness industry and retailers and they were very welcome.”

Fitness retailers can now get a certification from the Australian AAMI Raises to sell equipment to the public, which will enable them to get a certificate from the AAMR,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

Certificates are issued by AAMI that are valid for up to 30 years and are valid on all Australian roads.

“As such, they can also be used to buy any fitness equipment that is in Australia, as well as those that are imported from overseas.”

Importing equipment from overseas is not permitted in Australia unless it is in the form of a certificate of import from Australia.

“Mr Kavac said that was why the AAMA-Raizes had already been approved for use in the new AAMS regulations, which are expected to be released later this month.”

With these AAMS approvals, all fitness equipment imported from outside Australia is now covered under the new Australian Health Standards, which include the new Health Certificate and are also available to purchase from any fitness retailer that is eligible to sell health products,” he explained.”

All fitness equipment manufacturers are now required to have health certificates issued by a registered health professional in their business and fitness centres, as a condition of importing equipment.

“These are important steps that will ensure that health products can continue selling for years to come, and consumers will be able more easily find a product they like.”

The AAMI spokesman said there were currently only about 20 fitness retailers in Australia.

“This is just the beginning,” he added.”AAML is working closely with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to ensure the new health regulations for fitness products are implemented in a way that is safe, fair and sustainable for Australian businesses.”

“The AAML will continue to monitor the situation to ensure it is safe for Australians to buy and use fitness equipment from fitness retailers,” he concluded.


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