Why I quit exercise

When I was 15, I quit gym and I stopped going to the gym.

I felt like I had no future.

I didn’t like exercise, but I didn´t have much money to go to a gym.

That was a problem for me.

I also hated that I was never able to work out because I was always so busy.

I wanted to work in the fitness industry and get back to playing sports.

I quit my job and joined a gym in the city.

I was the only person who could do the workouts.

At first I just went to the bar to do them and it was so easy.

I could do them with my friends and I would just do them in a few minutes.

I had a friend who was in the same gym and he used to be my partner.

It was amazing how he could do everything with just his mind.

It helped me a lot because I could work out in a safe environment.

I realised that I couldn´t work out every day and I wanted it to be like that.

I would go to the house, do cardio or something, but the gym would still be there.

After that I realised I needed to do more than just work out, I had to enjoy it.

So, I started to do a lot of cardio and I found a place where I could relax in the gym, but still keep my mind focused on the game.

I was also training with a lot people, I used to go with them for a few weeks, because it was a fun way to train.

But I didn`t know if they were going to want to work with me.

So, I was doing it with people I had never worked with before.

That is when I realised it was my own fault.

I did not give myself enough time to work hard.

When I started training again at the gym in Barcelona, I realised the gym was my new home.

There was a lot more competition there.

The training was better, the training environment was different, but it felt like my training was done.

I loved it.

I liked that I could feel myself improve and I was able to concentrate on my game, my fitness.

I never really felt like a bad player, but that was the moment where I realised what my mistake was.

I lost my confidence.

I knew I was not good enough to compete in the world and I didn.

It took me a long time to figure out that I had done a bad job.

I got back on track when I joined a team and the players liked me and I realised they didn’t want to play with me anymore.

I needed time.

The training was good and I enjoyed it, but after a few years, I realized I needed a different way of thinking.

I started playing football again.

When I started, I thought it was just a game.

It never was, and now I have more success than ever.

I wanted to get back into the game and I decided to start playing again, and I played in two leagues and I have been playing with my own club, the Celta Vigo FC.

Now I am back in the Champions League and I am going to try to score as many goals as I can and be the best player in the whole of Spain.

I am very happy and I don´t know how I am doing it, I am still young and I want to do my best.

I just want to show people that I can do it.

I want to be a great player and that is why I am here.

I have learned a lot from this experience, and the more I play, the more confident I am.

I can see that there is a lot that I need to improve.

If I keep playing like this, I will probably never achieve anything.

I will have no place to train and play.

I still do not understand why my body has changed so much.

My body is the same as it was when I was younger, but now I feel that it has changed a lot.

My muscles have become stronger and I can lift heavier weights.

I still feel like I can play football but I have not been able to be the player I used a few seasons ago.

I need time to realise what I need.

I am going back to Barcelona to work as a coach, and after that I will return to my old club.

I want a good club, but at the same time I want more time to focus on football.

I don’t want this to be about money or about my career, it is about being able to play football again and to be successful.

I know that I am not going to be able to keep playing football forever.

I think that in my career I will do whatever it takes to get to the top and I will never stop.

I do not want to stop playing, because I will always be able, no matter what, to do that.

That´s why I have to do what

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