When a little exercise and a healthy meal can transform your health

By Mark SteffensPublished October 20, 2018 07:22:49When you want to get the most bang for your buck in the gym, a little activity can help, according to a new study.

While exercise is essential for building strength and muscle mass, it is also important for mental well-being, according a new review of 30 years of research by the University of Colorado.

“People are getting tired of seeing that they’re not getting the amount of physical activity that they need,” said Dr. Mark Steffen, associate professor of pediatrics at CU Boulder.

“We’ve got to find out what’s motivating people to get out and get active and be active.”

This is the first comprehensive review of exercise-induced mental health, Steffen said.

In fact, the study looked at people from the U.S. and Europe, where the average person spends about eight hours per week in the outdoors.

The authors also looked at a number of lifestyle factors, including the type of activity, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, the duration of the exercise and the food choices made by the participants.

The researchers found that outdoor exercise, which is not necessarily a good idea, has been associated with a better mental health score than indoor exercise.

This could mean that exercise can help you feel less fatigued during the day and help you avoid a range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease and dementia, the authors said.

But outdoor exercise also can be stressful, which could lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

In addition, a good balance of activity and rest could help you be mentally strong, Steffen said.

“When you exercise, you have a better chance of being healthy and feeling good,” he said.

For instance, exercising at least 30 minutes daily can help people avoid depression, Stefen said.

And, in the long run, exercise can boost your physical fitness, which can be linked to a better overall health.

The study found that people who were physically active in the winter months were more likely to have a lower overall mental health rating than those who did not exercise, and those who exercised more were more physically active than those whose exercise did not occur in winter.

For example, people who exercised outdoors were less likely to feel anxious than those in non-exercise environments.

The health of people in the U

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