Wahoo Fitness: ‘We are proud of our commitment to women’s health’

The world’s biggest fitness brand has announced it is ending its gender-based pay gap policy and has announced plans to make a gender-neutral clothing line.

The US-based Wahoo fitness chain has been working with women’s organisation Fitworks to develop the ‘Fit Powder’ brand of fitness gear and accessories that will be available in women’s clothing stores nationwide.

Wahoo has long struggled to get women into its fitness range, with its men’s line still struggling to catch up with the female demographic.

It launched a gender neutral range of its Fitness Powder brand of clothing in 2014, but only recently changed its policy.’

We are very proud of what we have achieved with our new gender-specific approach, which includes making the range available in gender neutral packaging,’ Wahoo said in a statement on Friday.’

With our gender-balanced line, women will be able to easily find what they are looking for in their favourite brands, and be confident in buying a product that will work for them.’

Wahoo also announced plans for a gender friendly range of products in a series of upcoming products, including a range of fitness accessories for women.

Wearing a Wahoo product is optional for women, and there is no age limit for wearing them.

The brand also announced it will be making gender neutral clothing available in a range in its fitness centres across the country, with the first three to be released in 2018.’

As the leader in women-friendly fitness, we are proud to be working with our partners to create an environment where women feel empowered to take on the challenge of taking their fitness to the next level,’ Wanda Brands Group President of Product Development Karen Kesten told the BBC.’

This new Wahoo approach to the gender pay gap and our commitment towards women’s empowerment will help Wanda’s female employees, and make women’s workplaces and our communities more equitable and inclusive.’

The new Wanda range will include a range that includes a range pack, the Wahoo Fit Powder, which will be sold at select fitness centres.

It comes after the brand announced it was launching a new range of women-specific clothing for women in 2017, and is now aiming to make that range available to men in 2018 as well.

Wanda has already introduced gender neutral footwear and apparel to its women’s and children’s lines, but has also announced a range for women and children in 2017 that was also available to the public.

Wendi Bennett, the former US secretary of state, launched a campaign in 2016 to end the gender-focused pay gap at the US Department of Labor.

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