How to make a Honda Fit 2008, fit adventure

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article for the site Fit Adventure about how to create your very own Honda Fit.

In it, I outlined how to assemble the Fit 2008 from the factory and then custom fit it to your specific needs.

Well, I was fortunate enough to be asked by a couple of readers to build a Fit 2008.

They asked if I would make the bike look similar to their 2008 Honda Fit and if I could add some customizations, too.

So here’s how I did it.

The Fit 2008 is a standard Honda Fit with the standard seat, door, seatbelt, footrests, and pedals.

But there are two major upgrades: the front fork has been redesigned for comfort, and the rear shock has been re-tuned to give better stability.

The seat, foot rest, and pedal arrangement is identical to the one in the Honda Fit, so you don’t have to change anything.

The front fork of the Fit is a unique design.

Unlike most bikes that feature a single rear shock, the front forks of the Honda Fits have four separate rear shock systems.

In addition to the standard front shock, each fork has a single, long-travel, parallel-acting front shock.

In the standard Honda Fis, the shock is connected to the chainstays via a small spring located behind the seat.

When the seat belt is removed, the spring releases the seatbelt and it then moves to the next seat.

The Honda Fit’s front shock is much more efficient than the front shock in the standard Fit, and it’s much less likely to trip over the seat during heavy pedaling.

The shock is made of a stiffer material, called “lube.”

This makes the front end more responsive and provides better ride quality.

The rear shock is a more rigid shock, and is mounted on a separate spring.

When this spring moves forward, the chain stays on the ground and the chain tension on the chain is lower, resulting in a smoother and more secure ride.

The rear shock on the Honda is an advanced design, and there are many advantages to using a separate rear spring for the rear of the bike.

One of the main advantages of a separate shock is that it provides better stiffness, and this helps keep the bike stable during heavy use.

In fact, the Honda’s rear shock actually has a longer chainstay length, which makes the bike less prone to chain tension failure during heavy braking.

The larger, spring-loaded front shock also helps keep weight off the front wheel, which is a key factor for improving handling.

This is why it is important to make sure that the front of the front suspension has a wide chainstay and the front axle is not too far away from the front brake caliper.

If you install a separate front shock to the front, the rear suspension will likely move away from you.

The second main benefit of a different rear shock system is stability.

Although there are some drawbacks to having a separate system, the bike has improved stability on steep descents.

The front and rear shock have a combined 3.5-to-1 spring compression ratio, which means that a lot of force is transmitted from the top of the rear wheel to the bottom of the fork.

When you are pedaling at high speeds, the increased resistance to bending of the forks also contributes to stability.

A separate rear system also means that the forks can rotate at different speeds, making it easier to find a consistent, good-handling position.

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