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What happens next?

What happens to 4chan if this trend continues?

4chan’s growth, like that of many other social networks, is due in large part to its ability to attract users who don’t normally associate with each other.

But while the social network has gained a lot of notoriety recently, it’s not a new phenomenon.

4chan was founded in 2005 by a group of friends who wanted to create a place where they could discuss topics they both shared a passion for.

As with many other platforms, 4chan has also grown and changed over time.

For example, it was originally called the “Newgrounds” site.

The site quickly evolved into an online forum, which users could create posts for other users to read.

In 2005, it expanded to include discussions of politics, fashion, and popular culture.

As it became a more popular destination for discussion, users began to organize events.

These were generally informal gatherings, but 4chan members could create and host their own events.

There were also a number of forums, such as the 4chan board “The 4chan Room,” which is still in use today.

These forums often took the form of private groups.

Some users also hosted discussion boards for the general public, where users could ask for help, discuss ideas, and generally talk about whatever topic interest them.

The forums were also the place where users would meet up for casual conversations, such a politics discussion, with other 4chan users.

While there are a few forums for specific subjects today, such topics were often discussed by members of the same group.

Many 4chan boards had their own forums, where people would post threads and share news, and 4chan-based forums were popular among users looking for social support and advice.

As 4chan grew, the community expanded into the wider world.

It is still relatively small, but it is growing rapidly.

Many users of 4chan are active in the site’s forums, posting news, links to related news sites, and sometimes other content that would not normally find a place on the site.

In addition to its large community, 4channers also have a wide variety of different types of social networks that are similar to the site in terms of functionality.

The main difference is that 4chan is not solely an online bulletin board, but rather an online community where users can create, and share, groups and topics.

These sites generally have a few basic features that 4chants main social network, the board.

The most obvious of these is the ability to create and manage groups.

Users can create and join groups that they call “chans.”

Members of a group can also invite each other, as well as send messages to other members of their group.

Members of the group can have their own individual boards, where they can discuss and share content, as long as they abide by the rules of the site and its rules.

4Chan has also become a site for posting content to other users’ boards.

These boards often consist of groups of users sharing their interests, like news, music, fashion or politics.

Many of these groups are small and have no more than 100 members, but others can be much larger, with more than 1,000 members.

The boards are a popular way to share news and other information, as members of these boards can post updates to the content they have shared, as opposed to the news articles that are posted on the main site.

While the forums are used for sharing information, the social networking site also has a dedicated subreddit where users of other forums can discuss the news and entertainment content they are interested in.

The biggest difference between 4chan and the main social networks is that users of the 4ch sites have the ability and right to ban users.

Users of 4ch can ban people they don’t like, but users of a main social site have more latitude to do this.

While users of main social sites can ban members who violate their rules, users of both sites can only ban people who violate the site rules, as they are not allowed to post content they don´t agree with.

This has led to a lot more discussions about 4chan vs. the main sites.

While 4chan can be used for a variety of purposes, it has gained more and more popularity over time because of the community of users who make it possible.

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