How to Get Fit and Live Longer – The #1 Fitness and Nutrition Video Guide

jaties fit, 24, a former Olympic weightlifter and a member of Team GB, recently released a fitness video entitled #1fit for life.

Jatie is a fitness and nutrition expert and has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith and other celebrities.

He recently launched his own fitness channel,, and recently released his own workout video entitled “What I Do When I’m Not Running.”

Jaties fitness video, #1Fit for Life, was created by

The videos feature motivational quotes from celebrities and athletes, and features a variety of activities and activities you can perform to lose weight and maintain it.

Jaties video focuses on healthy eating and nutrition, which he says can be achieved through a variety: walking, jogging, yoga, running and more.

Watch the video below.

jatys fitness video #1 Fit for Life is a motivational video from #1Fitness for Life.

Enjoy it! — jatiestudio (@jatiestudsio) November 25, 2017 jaty fitter, 24 jatiemetfit, a fitness app, is a company that allows you to track your fitness progress and set goals, such as getting fit or staying in shape.

The company offers a variety.

Jatin has been featured in several fitness videos, including one for the singer Lady Gaga.

The jatinfit app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows 10.

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