CF Fit socks, CF fitness socks, and more: A new look

A new generation of Fit socks has been launched by Fit-X socks, but it’s not all good news.

The company said Tuesday that it was discontinuing the company’s FitFitX socks in 2018 and that it had pulled its existing line of Fit FitX socks and Fit Fit-CafFit socks in February 2019.

Fitsx was founded in 2014 by founder Mark D. O’Leary, and it has since grown into a leader in fitness socks and socks for men.

Its socks are made of high-tech microfiber polyester with a fabric that blends into your feet to provide an illusion of comfort and support.

But it said in its blog post Tuesday that the new Fit-FitX line was not as good as the old line.

“We have heard the feedback that some of you are asking about the new design, and we are sorry to say that we are not making this change.

We understand that some may not like the new look, and the new fit, but we cannot offer it as an option in our current range,” the company wrote.

“We will be making it a permanent addition to our line-up, starting in 2018.”

The company also said that it has removed the Fit-Tee sock from its lineup, which has been available since 2018.

Fit-Tees are made from an elastic-like material that covers the top of the sock and keeps it warm when you are sitting down, the company said.

Its new FitX line also includes the new FlexFit sock, which is made from a fabric made of polyester that offers an elasticity similar to those found in a shoe.

It’s made of a similar material as Fit-Gels and offers a more comfortable fit than a regular Fit.

The company said it would be offering a Fit-PooPoo sock that offers “better support, comfort, and warmth.”

Fees for the new range will be $10 for men, $10.50 for women, and $3 for kids.

The new Fit socks will go on sale at select retailers from Sept. 12.

A Fit-FitX sock in 2019.

(Fits-X via Flickr user Mike Sosnowski)

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